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A Sense of Place

 A journey into your family history, is often like opening an old musty book, filled with forgotten stories, and interesting people. My journey didn't start with the musty old book but a place. A place unlike any other, filled with forgotten stories and yes, interesting people. The story begins at one of the most beautiful places in Colorado. Along the foot of Mount Princeton, lies what is left of the Friskey Ranch, and where my journey into my family history began. My earliest memories are of spending many summer days at "Gus's Cabin" named for my great uncle Gus Friskey who built the cabin in about the late 1890's early 1900's . We cooked on a wood burning Majestic wood stove, brought water up from the creek and basically  lived as pioneers. There were no hand held games or cell phones, well heck back in that day, there wasn't even the Internet, so we spent our time playing along the creek, or in the old corrals. My greatest joy was