The Mysterious Madam – The Life & Times of Laura Bell McDaniel

11:38 AM
So very excited! Two very old and dear friends are in the process of telling the story of Laura Bell McDaniel-Madam of infamous fame. I have known Lee Michels and Jan MacKell Collins for years and not only know their quailty of research but their shared passion for Laura Bell McDaniel!

The Mysterious Madam – The Life & Times of Laura Bell McDaniel

Laura Bell McDaniel's amazing life story entwines the threads of intrigue, mystery, wealth, corruption, politics and prostitution into the fabric from which her life was cut. The enigmatic madam proves the exception to the rule about women in the prostitution industry who fought for their cause and won, at a very high price.
Colorado native and living history presenter Lee Michels has delved into Laura Bell’s story, and those of the American West soiled doves, for over 37 years. Ms. Michel's vast and relentless research has led her down the path of the mysterious madam, branching off into portraying Laura Bell with riveting, living history presentations and co-penning her true rags-to-riches story. The host of characters she crossed paths with during her life is astounding and the ending, equally stirring, teases your imagination to this day.
Co-authoring this in-depth reflection on a determined woman’s journey through a man’s world of the Old West is Jan MacKell Collins. Her 30+ years of intensive research about Laura Bell and Colorado City 's red-light district adds true-life dimension to this burgeoning work. Ms. MacKell Collins has written several books, plus literally thousands of articles on the history of the West, with a special attention for the women and prostitutes that helped shape the modern America we know.

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